Weekly Auction - Online Catalogue for auction date: 13/03/2018

Lot 1

A Silver Mounted Rectangular Easel Back Photo Frame, 18cm high

Lot 2

A Good Pair of Oriental Cloisonne Vase Decorated in Multi Coloured Enamels with Birds, Three Toed Dragons Etc, 13cm high

Lot 3

A Silver Plated Art Nouveau Style Ink Stand with Two Glass Bottles and Centre Candlestick, 28cm Wide

Lot 4

An Early/Mid 19th Century Copper Self Pouring Chocolate Pot with Brass Finial to Hinged Lid, 23cm high

Lot 5

A Small Olive Wood Two Division Stamp Box, 7.5cm Wide

Lot 6

A North Indian/Persian Bronze Spice Container in the Form of a Goose Surrounded by Six Cashew Fruit Containers with Hinged Lids, 22cm High

Lot 7

A Nice Quality Tortoiseshell Dome Top Box with Blossom Decoration, 9cm Wide

Lot 8

A Pair of Trench Art Candlesticks Formed From Shell Bases, 8cm high

Lot 9

Two 19th Century Graduated Copper Tankards of Waisted Form, 14.5 and 13cm High

Lot 10

An Edwardian Oak Mantle Clock by Enfield, 26.5cm Wide

Lot 11

An Edwardian Oak Storage Box with Hinged Lifting Lid and Panelled Front, 49cm Wide

Lot 12

A Vintage Celebrity Wind Up Gramophone with Small Selection of 78rpm Records

Lot 13

A Late Victorian Brass Mounted Photograph Album with Brass Clasps, 15cm high

Lot 14

A Late 19th Century French Shell Decorated Trinket Box, 20cm Wide

Lot 15

A Pretty Circular Gilt Framed Mirror Decorated with Blue Border and Flowers in Relief, 29cm Diameter

Lot 16

A Late 19th Century Mahogany Ladies Writing Desk with Raised Gallery, Centre Long Drawer Flanked by Two Smaller Drawers Either Side on Turned Legs Culminating in Casters, 120cm Wide

Lot 17

A 19th Century Rectangular Mahogany Box, 26cm long

Lot 18

A Carved Circular Marble Mortar with Four Scrolled Mounts, 26cm Diameter

Lot 19

A Late 19th Century Country Tapestry Topped Rectangular Stool, 37cm long

Lot 20

A Copper Half Gallon Measure by Jackson and Co, Liverpool, 22cm High

Lot 21

A Brass and Oak Spirit Barrel with Tap, 20cm Long

Lot 22

An Oriental Carved Soapstone Study of Rat Climbing Bamboo, 14cm high

Lot 23

An Oriental Silver Plated Four Sided Buddha Face, 6cm High

Lot 24

An Early 20th Century Carved Stone Inuit Figure of Man with Dog and Mask to Rear, 12cm High

Lot 25

An Oriental Bronze Temple Bell set in Pierced Wooden Stand Complete with Hammer, 31cm High

Lot 26

A French Marble Top Oak Bedside Cabinet with Top Drawer, Open Centre Section and Panelled Door to Base Cupboard, 80cm High

Lot 27

An Ebonised Horn Handled Walking Stick with White Metal Mount, 82cm Long

Lot 28

An Edwardian Oak Three Division Stick Stand with Metal Tray, 50cm Long

Lot 29

A 19th Century Oriental Lacquered Papier Mache Playing Card Case, 10cm high

Lot 30

A Edwardian Oak Novelty Pipe Rack in the Form of a Four Bar Gate Together with Three Vintage Pipes, 24.5cm Long

Lot 31

An Elliot Green Onyx Mantle Clock for Burrell of Sheffield, Not Working, 16.5cm Wide

Lot 32

A 19th Century Side Pouring Chocolate Pot with Brass Final to Hinged Lid, 28cm high

Lot 33

A Large Oriental Carved Wooden Study of a Winged Temple Lion on Cushion Plinth, 49cm High

Lot 34

A 19th Century Side Pouring Chocolate Pot, 24cm high

Lot 35

A Reprodux Oak Side Cabinet with Carved Panelled Doors to Cupboard Over Blind Carved Long Drawer, 68.5cm Wide

Lot 36

A Mid 20th Century Oak Square Topped Stool with Turned Supports, 42cm high

Lot 37

An Edwardian Oak Two Tier Rectangular Cake Stand with Hinged Shelves, 50cm Long

Lot 38

A Collection of Various Oriental Carved Stone Studies of Dragon, Lion, Elephant and Immortal

Lot 39

A Brass Table Lamp with Vase Support and Opaque Glass Ball Shade, 36cm High

Lot 40

An Edwardian Oak Three Tier Buffet with Gallery Top, 76cm Long

Lot 41

An Edwardian Oak Napoleon Hat Mantle Clock, 41cm Wide

Lot 42

A Late Victorian Mahogany Jardiniere Stand with Brass Liner on Trefoil Base, 35cm Diameter and 53cm high

Lot 43

A Late 19th Century Davenport with Tooled Leather Writing Surface and Fitted Barley Twist Supports, Raised Ormolu Gallery, Four Side Drawers Matched by Dummies, 55cm Wide

Lot 44

An Edwardian Oak Napoleon Hat Mantle Clock, 42cm Wide

Lot 45

A Glass Table Lamp Stand on Brass Base of Ribbed Vase Form, 57cm High

Lot 46

A Hand Sculpted Bust of a Girl, 30cm high

Lot 47

An Edwardian Mahogany Drop Leaf Occasional Table with Octagonal Top and Swivel Supports

Lot 48

A Pine Chest of Two Short and Two Long Drawers with Ceramic Handles, 90cm WIde

Lot 49

A Set of Four Octagonal Brass Sconce Fittings, Each 35cm High

Lot 50

A Pair of Leather Cased Drakes Pride Lawn Bowls, Size 3

Lot 51

A Pair of Japanese Fans Depicting Geisha Girls, Each 37cm Tall

Lot 52

A Vintage Douwe Egberts Koffie Dispenser with Wall Mounting Bracket, 34cm high

Lot 53

An Edwardian Oak Side Cabinet with One Long and One Shorter Drawer and Two Panel Doors to Cupboard Base, 76cm Long

Lot 54

A Czechoslovakian Chalk Study of The Infant of Prague, 32cm High

Lot 55

A Brass and Glass Table Lamp in the Form of a Victorian Oil Lamp with Glass Reservoir, Etched Glass Shade and Chimney

Lot 56

A Hand Beaten Islamic Copper Vase Decorated in Relief with Script and Goats, 30cm high

Lot 57

A Vintage German Cylindrical Vase, 42cm High

Lot 58

A West German Ceramic Vase by Sheurich-Keramik No.239-41, 42cm high

Lot 59

A Small Framed Watercolour Depicting Barge in Storm Drifting Towards Cottage on Rocks, Probably 19th Century, 16cm Wide

Lot 60

An Edwardian Stained Bow Fronted Display Cabinet with Three Inner Shelves, 51cm Wide

Lot 61

A Brass Mounted Copper Cylindrical Bucket with Hinged Brass Loop Handle, 32cm Diameter and 29cm High

Lot 62

A Glazed Terracotta Water Jug with Spiralled Decoration, 27cm high

Lot 63

A Pair of Taylor Deluxe Full Bias Lawn Bowls and a Pair of Similar

Lot 64

A Large Continental Study of a Conquistador with Sword and Staff, Some Losses, On Circular Plinth 93cm High

Lot 65

A 19th Century Stained Box with Hinged Lid and Part Drop Front, 61cm Wide

Lot 66

A Beaten Brass Coal Box with Armorial Decoration in Relief to Hinged Lid and Front Panel, 46cm Long, Complete with Liner

Lot 67

An Edwardian Oak Wall Clock with Eight Day Movement, 76cm High

Lot 68

An Edwardian Oak Wall Clock with Brass Mounted Pendulum, 56cm high

Lot 69

A Small Gilt Framed Gouache Depicting Lake Side Castle, Details in Pencil Verso, 16cm

Lot 70

A Nest of Three Oak Tables, 51cm Wide

Lot 71

A Collection of Eight Portfolios of English Cathedrals to Include Chester, Exeter, Salisbury, York Etc

Lot 72

A 19th Century Mahogany Two Division Knife Box, 37.5cm Wide

Lot 73

A Metal Cased Barograph, NZ3, In Need of Attention

Lot 74

An Art Deco Westminster Chime Mantle Clock, 27cm Wide

Lot 75

A Bound Volume Famous Cricketers and Cricket Grounds

Lot 76

A Vintage Roberts Radio, Solid State Model RIC1

Lot 77

An Oak Three Shelf Open Bookcase, 76cm Wide

Lot 78

A Presentation Napoleon Hat Mantel Clock Dated August 29th 1925

Lot 79

A Gilt Framed Oil on Canvas Depicting Paris Street, Signed A Lambert, Circa 1955

Lot 80

A Gilt Framed Dutch Water Colour Depicting Ladies on Street, Market Day, 25cm Wide

Lot 81

A Gilt Framed Water Colour Depicting 19th Century Hay Harvest Scene with Farm and Woods in Background, 42cm Wide

Lot 82

Two Coloured Opaque Glass Vintage Ceiling Light Shades, 37cm Diameter and 27cm Diameter

Lot 83

A Heavy Victorian Copper Helmet Shaped Coal Scuttle with Loop Handle, 42cm High

Lot 84

An Elm Rectangular Topped Refectory Style Side Table, 91cm Long

Lot 85

A Vintage Zenith Pocket Radio in Bakelite Case, 19cm High

Lot 86

An Edwardian Wall Hanging Three Shelf Unit with Pierced Sides, 91cm Widew

Lot 87

A Small Vintage Case, 30.5cm Long

Lot 88

A Boxed Townsend Croquet Carpet Bowls Set

Lot 89

A 19th Century Brass Wall Sign for George Leake, Professor of Music, 42cm Wide

Lot 90

A Vintage Two Division Rosewood Magazine Rack, 50.5cm Long

Lot 91

A French Circular Wrought Iron Framed Wall Clock by Vedette, 34cm Diameter

Lot 92

Two Graduated Rush Topped Stools on Turned Supports

Lot 93

A French Marble Topped Walnut and Mahogany Bedside Cabinet with Top Drawer, Open Centre Section and Panelled Cupboard to Base, 84cm high

Lot 94

A 19th Century Circular Brass Cooking Pan with Iron Loop Handle Together with Aluminum Jam Kettle, 33cm Diameter

Lot 95

A Gilt Framed Oil Depicting Country Lane with Figures, Horses, Dog and Poultry in Front of Farm House, 55cm Wide

Lot 96

A Framed Map of Somerset by Christopher Saxton and Engraved by William Kip, Hand Tinted

Lot 97

A Vintage Circular Alabaster Light Shade, 37cm Diameter

Lot 98

An Alabaster Table Lamp in the Form of a Goblet, 32cm High

Lot 99

An Italian Ceramic Figural Table Lamp Depicting Boy with Musical Instrument and Dog Begging, 47cm High

Lot 100

A Pair of Four Drawer Walnut and Satin Wood Bedside Cabinets, Each 41cm Long