Weekly Auction - Online Catalogue for auction date: 15/08/2017

Lot 1

A Nice Quality French Gilt Metal Ink Stand with Horseshoe and Cherub Mounts, Two Glass Inkwells on Circular Base, 18cm High

Lot 2

A Chalk Art Deco Study of a Topless Maiden with Flowing Skirt, Reg No 809137, 32cm High

Lot 3

A Late Victorian Silver Plate Mounted Oak Desk Top Inkstand with Pull Out Three Section Drawer and Three Glass Inkwells. 35cm Wide

Lot 4

A Victorian Turned Hardwood Truncheon, 38 cm long

Lot 5

A Ladies Riding Crop with Silver Plated Mount Inscribed \’A Wedding Present From Denis Buckley to Miss Collins\’

Lot 6

An Inlaid Oriental Box depicting Emperors Progression On Elephant with Attendants, Soldiers and Other Figures. 34cm Wide

Lot 7

A 1920s Ebonised Powder Puff Box with Puff and Letter Dated 17th September 1929. To Miss Allison From W Amos.

Lot 8

A Late Victorian Faux Rosewood Glazed Corner Cabinet with String Inlay and Shelved Interior, 39cm Wide, 50cm High

Lot 9

An Edwardian String Inlaid Mahogany Four Drawer Music Cabinet with Stretcher Shelf on Tapering Square Legs, 53cm Wide, 97cm High

Lot 10

A Brass Square Desk Top Inkstand/Pen Rest with Moulded Decoration. 14cm Square

Lot 11

An Edwardian Silver Plated Combination Breakfast Toast, Egg and Preserve Stand, 32cm Wide.

Lot 12

A Brass Mounted Iron Miners Lamp

Lot 13

An Inlaid Cigarette Dispenser Box together with a Poker Work Card Box

Lot 14

A Georgian String Inlaid Mahogany Two Division Tea Caddy with Later Glass Mixing Bowl and Two Lidded Compartments for Black and Green Tea, 30x14x15cm High

Lot 15

A Late Victorian Silver Plated Four Trumpet Epergne, 31cm High

Lot 16

A Pair of Brass Candlesticks Inscribed Truro Cathedral, 16cm High

Lot 17

A Martel Cognac Advertising Figure. 23cm High

Lot 18

A Brass Mounted Oriental Three Drawer Collectors Cabinet with Carrying Handle and Decorated with Storks and Flowers etc. 21cm High

Lot 19

A Spelter Figure of Seated Cobbler Holding Shoe. 20cm High

Lot 20

A Pair of Carved Wooden Ebonised African Busts of Male and Female. 21cm High

Lot 21

A Cased French Compteur De Tours with Metric Dials and Subsidiary Dials

Lot 22

A Set of Brass Mounted Pan Scales by W and T Avery with Four Brass weights Stamped City of Bristol

Lot 23

An Ebonised Four Shelf Open Bookcase with Pierced Gallery. 96cm High

Lot 24

Two Wooden Rectangular Drinks Trays

Lot 25

A Set of Three Chemists Bottles with Tolware Cylindrical Lids, Each 24 Cm High

Lot 26

A Victorian Large Copper Kettle, 29cm High

Lot 27

A Good Quality Carved oak Rectangular Stool on Turned Supports, 75cm Long

Lot 28

A Set of Wills\’s Woodbine Dominoes in Metal Tin

Lot 29

A Heavy Moulded Brass Bucket or Mortar Decorated in Relief with Religious Scenes, Depicting Jesus Rising from the Dead, Inscribed 1624, 21cm High

Lot 30

A Collection of Vintage Desk Sundries to Include Letter Press, Postage Scales and Stationery Rack.

Lot 31

A Stained Pine Bedside Cabinet with Raised Gallery

Lot 32

An Oak Lift Top Sewing Box with Fall Front and Inner Drawer, 45cm Wide

Lot 33

A Continental Musical Skeleton Clock under Glass Dome with Pierced Silvered Dial, Oval Plinth Base with French Second Empire Influenced Relief Decoration, Musical Movement Working

Lot 34

An Oak Rectangular Occasional Table 74cm Long.

Lot 35

A Late Victorian Silver Plated Epergne depicting Boy on Bridge, 33 Cm High

Lot 36

A Copper Helmet Shaped Coal Scuttle. 42cm High

Lot 37

A 19th Century wall hanging or Free Standing Mantel Clock in Walnut Case, 70cm High

Lot 38

A Oak Drop Leaf Coffee Table with Turned Supports, 57cm Long

Lot 39

A Chromed Art Deco Figural Study of a Dancing Girl which has become Detached from Oval Plinth Inscribed in German for a 50th Birthday, Figure 32cm High

Lot 40

A Vintage Field Telephone

Lot 41

A Spotting Scope on Tripod with Canvas Bag by Adventuridge

Lot 42

A Smiths Enfield Westminster Chime Mantel Clock.

Lot 43

Two Enamelled Shudehill Novelty Boxes in the Form of Hen and Chicks and Standing Cock Pheasant, Together with Reborn Dragon and Welsh Dragon Figures in Metal.

Lot 44

A Metamec Quartz Carriage Clock

Lot 45

A Vintage Angle Poise Lamp with Weighted Base

Lot 46

An Edwardian Mahogany Towel Rail

Lot 47

Two Victorian Copper Kettles

Lot 48

An Oak Oval Drop Leaf Barley Twist Gate Leg Dining Table. 89cm Long

Lot 49

A Vintage Three Branch Ceiling Spotlight

Lot 50

A Collection of Boxed Cutlery to Include Edwardian Oak Canteen, Horn Handled Carving Set, Cased Set of Butter Knives and an Oneida Community Plate Sugar Spoon.

Lot 51

A Graduated Set of Five Miniature Copper Saucepans with Brass Handles Together with Other Brass and Copper Ornaments

Lot 52

A Victorian Bisque Head Doll with Composition Arms and Legs. 25cm High

Lot 53

An Unusual Late Victorian Rosewood Spindle Back Corner Seat with Later Cushions on Brass Casters. 86cm High

Lot 54

A Collection of Treen to Include Mahogany Slope for Restoration, Inlaid Octagonal Teapot Stand and Small Tea Cady with Missing Veneers,

Lot 55

An Edwardian Circular Topped Oak Jardiniere Stand with Stretcher Shelf. 91cm High

Lot 56

An Art Nouveau Pewter Bowl by Orivit with Floral Decoration in Relief together with a Pewter Ladies Boot

Lot 57

A Wicker Four Bottle Carrying Basket.

Lot 58

A Mahogany Bow Fronted Cocktail Cabinet with Shelved Top Section, Centre Brushing Slide and Single Drawer over Cupboard Base with Three Dummy Drawer Door. 129cm High

Lot 59

A Pair of Good Quality Silver Plated Pressed Metal Square Plaques Depicting Scenes from the Spanish Inquisition together with a Danish Pewter Bowl and Two Pewter Salts, Plaques 15x16cm

Lot 60

Two Pairs of Field Binoculars with Cases

Lot 61

A Wicker Basket Containing Nine Various Composition Balls

Lot 62

A Wicker Two Handled Baskets Containing a Wicker Ball, 56cm Wide.

Lot 63

A Stained Pine Lift Top Blanket Chest with Inner Candle Box. 92cm Wide and with Two Metal Carrying Handles

Lot 64

A Late Victorian Walnut Wall Clock with Arched Brass Dial Inscribed D Lloyd, Welshpool having Ceramic Chapter Ring, Half Pilaster Decoration, 110cm High

Lot 65

A Late Victorian Walnut Wall Clock with Brass and Ceramic Dial, Working Order 80cm High

Lot 66

A Pair of Commodore 10×50 Binoculars

Lot 67

A Sheffield Plate Oval Gallery Tray with Pierced Sides together with Silver Plated Bottle Coasters, Cake Basket etc.

Lot 68

A Rectangular Two Handled Drinks Tray with Sporting Decoration, \’Breaking Cover\’, 68cm Long

Lot 69

An Ercol Circular Drop Leaf Coffee Table on Turned Supports. 60cm Diameter

Lot 70

A Vintage Cream Coloured Telephone

Lot 71

A Set of White Enamelled Kitchen Scales, The Viking, with Set of Weights

Lot 72

A Framed Erotic Pen and Ink Drawing Depicting Couple In Flagrante Delicto, Whilst Funeral Takes Place., 26x19cm

Lot 73

A Late Victorian/ Edwardian Walnut Wall Clock with Eight Day Movement, 65cm High

Lot 74

A Late Victorian Oak Wheel Barometer with Aneroid Movement by Felix Martin, Swansea

Lot 75

A Gilt Framed Print on Canvas Depicting Children On Beach, 26x34cm

Lot 76

A 19th Century Circular Gilt Framed Convex Wall Mirror,49cm Diam

Lot 77

A Canvas Bag containing Two Pairs of Lawn Bowls

Lot 78

A Metamec Battery Driven Mantel Clock, Modern Wheel Barometer and Key Novelty Barometer

Lot 79

A Late Victorian Bisque Head Doll by Koppelsdorf with Open Mouth and Closing eyes, Composition Limbs, 43cm Long.

Lot 80

An Edwardian Metamorphic Childs Chair.

Lot 81

A Grundig Vintage Transistor Radio, One Knob Missing

Lot 82

A Vintage Mamod Steam Tractor

Lot 83

A Oak Bedroom Chest of Two Short and Three Long Drawers, 76cm Long.

Lot 84

A Collection of Three Vintage Soda Siphons to include Sherwood and Morris, Schweppes and Premier Mineral Water, Stoke on Trent.

Lot 85

A Gilt Framed Oil on Board Signed M Jeffries, Depicting Thatched Half Timbered Cottage Beside River, with Figure and Swans to Foreground. 39x29cm

Lot 86

A Gilt Framed Oil on Board Signed M Jeffries Depicting Fishermen Loading a Rowing Boat Beside River, 39x29cm

Lot 87

A Collection of Engineers Tools, Micrometers and Booklets.

Lot 88

An Edwardian Oak Bureau with Panelled Fall Front to Fitted Interior, Three Long Drawers to Base. 76cm Wide

Lot 89

A Framed Diorama Depicting Victorian Interior, 40cm Wide

Lot 90

A Framed Limited Edition Thelwell Print, \’Come Along Girls! Playtimes Over\’

Lot 91

A Set of Five Oak Framed Copper Plaques Depicting Dickens Figures and Mozart, by Charles Robert Walford

Lot 92

A Pine Side Cabinet with Side Cupboard, Open Section and Base Drawer, 104cm Long

Lot 93

A Pair of Cased Binoculars. 10×50

Lot 94

A Cased Picnic Set by Sirram, Fully Fitted

Lot 95

A Collection of Seven 33rpm records to Include Buddy Holly Story, The Chirping Crickets, Meet The Searchers, Little Richard Vol II, A Picture of Joe Brown, Buddy Holly and Buddy Holly Showcase.

Lot 96

Two Framed Photographs, Last of the Summer Wine, Robert Fyfe as Howard and Juliet Kaplan as Pearl.

Lot 97

A Framed Water Colour depicting Foxhound with Puppies

Lot 98

A Gilt Framed Pencil Sketch of a Horse. 36x28cm Monogrammed JEB

Lot 99

A Framed Watercolour Depicting Fishing Boat in Harbour Signed Brian Hayes 1955, 38x30cm

Lot 100

A Tray of Play-worn Diecast Toys