Weekly Auction - Online Catalogue for auction date: 27/06/2017

Lot 1

A Metal Art Nouveau Style Desk Top Ink Stand with Two Glass Bottles, 37cm Wide

Lot 2

A Bamboo Swagger Sword Stick, 62cm Long

Lot 3

A Late 19th Century Brass Mounted Mahogany Work Box, 97cm Wide

Lot 4

A Late Victorian Walnut Desk Top Stationery Box and Ink Stand with Silver Plated Mounts Monogrammed and Dated 1879, Two Ink Bottles, 30cm Wide

Lot 5

A Small Narrow Mahogany Chest of Six Long Drawers on Bracket Feet, 44cm Wide 88cm High

Lot 6

An Edwardian Westminster Chime Mantle Clock

Lot 7

A Late 19th Century Mahogany Writing Slope for Restoration, 30cm Wide

Lot 8

A Vintage Style Push Button Telephone

Lot 9

A Pair of Onyx Based Former Book Ends with Metal Swan Mounts

Lot 10

A Pair of Victorian Brass Candle Sticks, 23cm High

Lot 11

A French Four Glass Brass Cased Clock, 21cm High

Lot 12

A Small Mahogany Serpentine Front Chest of Four Long Drawers, 48cm Wide and 69cm high

Lot 13

A Late 19th/Early 20th Century Leather Cased French Binoculars by Lemare Together with a Small Pair of Cased Binoculars

Lot 14

A Victorian Iron Based Circular Pierced Brass Topped Kettle Stand, 33cm high

Lot 15

A Late 19th Century Inlaid Walnut Work Box with Mother of Pearl Escutcheons, 25cm wide

Lot 16

A Late 19th Century Mahogany Box, 25cm Square

Lot 17

An Italian Crystal Study of an Art Deco Maiden Dancing, 28cm High

Lot 18

A Pair of Art Deco Chromed Candle Sticks, the Supports in the form of Nude Girls with Leg Raised, 21.5cm High

Lot 19

A Brass Carriage Clock by Koma, 17cm high

Lot 20

A Small Framed Preserved Study of a Butterfly, 12cm Square

Lot 21

A 19th Century Rosewood Work Box with Mother of Pearl Mounts and Removable Tray Containing Rosary Beads Together with an Oriental Brass Mounted box with Padlock (Locked)

Lot 22

A Metal Cash Tin with Key

Lot 23

An Edwardian Oak Four Shelf Open Waterfall bookcase, 91cm high

Lot 24

An Edwardian Cased Set of Twelve Fish Knives and Forks with Bone Handles

Lot 25

A Set of Three Small Copper Saucepans with Brass Handles and Lids

Lot 26

An Edwardian Mahogany Westminster Chime Mantle Clock

Lot 27

A Nest of Three Oak Tables, 61cm Wide

Lot 28

A Late Victorian Wall Hanging Billiard Scorer, 61cm wide

Lot 29

An Oriental Hand Painted Parasol Decorated with Butterflies

Lot 30

A Vintage Chromed LL of Walsall Steering Wheel, 38cm Diameter

Lot 31

Two Small Work Boxes One Inlaid and One with Painted Lid

Lot 32

A Late Victorian Mahogany Framed Dressing Table Mirror on Plinth Base with Drawer, 50cm high

Lot 33

An Oak Bobbin Legged Occasional Table, 40cm Square

Lot 34

An Art Deco Radio By Bush

Lot 35

A Vintage Electric Fan, 20cm High

Lot 36

An Indian Brass Collection Bowl With Etched Decoration Depicting Maharajah Procession, 55cm high

Lot 37

An Edwardian Oak Barley Twist Occasional Table, 60cm Wide

Lot 38

An Oak Three Tier Cake Stand, 83cm high

Lot 39

A Small Brass Topped Benares Tray with Etched Willow Pattern Decoration and Folding Barley Twist Stand, 27cm Diameter

Lot 40

An Edwardian Circular Topped Bobbin Legged Stool, 24cm Diameter

Lot 41

A Brass Oil Lamp with Duplex Controls

Lot 42

An Oak Enfield Westminster Chime Mantle Clock

Lot 43

A Victorian Copper Kettle with Acorn Finial

Lot 44

An Art Nouveau Oak Wash Stand with Slate Top and Tiled Gallery, 100cm Wide

Lot 45

A Cased Set of Six Fish Knives and Forks Together with Two Flat Irons

Lot 46

An Upholstered Square Stool with Tapestry Top, 50cm

Lot 47

A 19th Century Oval Hand Painted Ceramic Plaque Dated December 1883 Together with a Hand Painted Victorian Panel Painted with Forget Me Nots

Lot 48

An Edwardian Oak Framed Tapestry Fire Screen, Roses, 68cm high

Lot 49

An American Child\’s ABC Book by Eulalie Grover Together with Hand Painted Peter Rabbit Ovals and a Wain Footballing Cat Print

Lot 50

A Pair of Travelling Cased Kid Skin Slippers Together with Hair Brushes and Binoculars

Lot 51

A Turned Oak Fruit Bowl with Three Bun Feet Containing Furniture Caster Stands

Lot 52

A Novelty Telephone in the Form of a Harley Davidson Motorcycle,one handle bar missing, 39cm Long

Lot 53

A Modern Ebonised Effect Mantle Clock, Battery Movement

Lot 54

A Vintage Walnut Cased Art Deco Radio, 49cm Wide

Lot 55

A Two Tier Oak Globe Wernicke Book Case, 87cm Wide

Lot 56

A Pair of Small Oval Bobbin Legged Stools, Each 27cm Long

Lot 57

A Vintage Type Writer The Empire

Lot 58

A Pine Wall Hanging Cabinet with Mirrored Door, 43cm Wide

Lot 59

An Edwardian Oak Grandmother Clock, 123cm High

Lot 60

A Late Victorian Copper Helmet Shaped Coal Scuttle

Lot 61

A Corner Shelf Unit with Mirrored Panelled Door, 60cm High

Lot 62

A Child\’s Night Light in the Form of Two Tortoises

Lot 63

An Edwardian Walnut West Minister Chime Mantle Clock

Lot 64

A Modern Wooden and Brass Table Lamp

Lot 65

A Modern Mahogany Cased Wall Clock with 31 Day Movement

Lot 66

An Edwardian Oak Barley Twist Occasional Table, 58cm Wide

Lot 67

A German Green and Brown Glazed Vase, 40cm High

Lot 68

A Bowler Hat Together with an Unrelated Christy\’s Hat Box

Lot 69

A Modern Walnut Chest of Four Long Drawers with Folding Top, 59cm Wide

Lot 70

A Vintage Plush Teddy Bear, Worn

Lot 71

A Late Victorian Copper Helmet Shaped Coal Scuttle

Lot 72

An Edwardian Oak Wall Hanging Wall Barometer with Mirror and Clothes Brushes

Lot 73

An Oak Framed Wall Hanging Aneroid Barometer

Lot 74

A Set of Cast Iron Based Household Scales Together with a Small Copper Tray

Lot 75

A Framed Oil on Copper Depicting Woodland Pool and a Framed Oil on Board Depicting Windmill in Rural Landscape

Lot 76

An Oak Four Drawer Bedroom Chest with Raised Gallery, 62cm Wide

Lot 77

A Late Victorian Satin Wood Dressing Mirror with Turned Supports, 50cm High

Lot 78

A Circular Mahogany Mahogany Framed Bevel Edged Wall Mirror, 30cm Diameter

Lot 79

A Framed Pastel Portrait of Military Officer Inscribed M C Nevill

Lot 80

An Ormolu Mounted Mantle Clock for Restoration Together with a Westminster Chime Clock, Missing Glass

Lot 81

An Oak Dressing Chest with Carved Panel Cupboard Doors Over Two Drawers, Raised Swing Mirror, 77cm Wide

Lot 82

A Mirrored Walnut Shelf Together with Wooden Pencil Case, Lacquered Oriental Box Containing Dominoes, Treen Barrel and Musical Jewellery Box

Lot 83

A Reproduction Enamelled Sign for Black Cat Cigarette Together with a Collection of Cloth Camping Club and Other Pennants

Lot 84

A Late Victorian Oak Revolving Book Case, 51cm Square

Lot 85

Two Enamelled Cast Iron Cooking Pots, One By Le Creuset

Lot 86

A Framed Oil on Canvas Victorian Fishing Barges Signed A Barraclough

Lot 87

A Vintage Oak Tray and a Mahogany Dressing Table Mirror

Lot 88

A Collection of Fifteen 33rpm Records to Include The Beatles 1962-6, Ultravox, Elvis Almost in Love, The Four Tops Etc

Lot 89

A Circular Oak Coffee Table with Carved Border, 75cm Diameter

Lot 90

A Collection of Six Vintage Ice Skating Pantomime Programmes

Lot 91

A Collection of Four Football Programmes, Liverpool Vs Leicester, FA Cup Semi Final, Leicester Vs Manchester United, Cup Final with Ticket, Wembley Wolves 1960 and Manchester City Vs Wolves League Cup Final 1974 Also Opening Ceremony Programme for London Olympics 1948 Plus Four Official Reports Into the Games

Lot 92

A Circular Topped Carved Oak Three Legged Stool and a Leather Topped Stool

Lot 93

Two Ladies Handbags

Lot 94

An Oak Bedside Cabinet

Lot 95

A Box of Sundries to Include Dummy 303 Shell, Collection of Coins, Tankard made from Brass Recovered From Battle Fields Etc

Lot 96

A Good Quality Camera Tripod, Biloa, Profilo

Lot 97

A Modern Vase Shaped Table Lamp

Lot 98

Two Gilt Framed Water Colours, Dane Valley and Spring Valley, Trentham

Lot 99

A Collection of Nine Marvel American Comics to Include Super Hero\’s, Planet of the Apes, The Titans, Thor, Incredible Hulk

Lot 100

A Collection of Five Lego Books with Figures to Include Star Wars, Harry Potter, Visual Dictionary, Ninjargo